Take advantage of our launch sale!

Now until September 1st, 2011 get 20%off your purchase at JH2 one tree home!

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INTERIOR DESIGN’s Spring Market Tabloid features JH2 one tree home

We are pleased to announce that INTERIOR DESIGN’s Spring Market Tabloid featured JH2 one tree home piece, the Atik Bench.

Debuted at this year’s ICFF, the Atik Bench was featured in the section Farmhouse Facelift: City slickers come home to roost (p. 38)

This smart editorial looked at designs that blended urban chic with home furnishings we all know and love. ID Magazine’s Spring Market is all about identifying cutting edge trends. Looks like we’re ahead of the curve again!

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JH2 one tree home uses only certified woods!

As part of their effort to help sustainability, our producers in Nicaragua have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in the woods they source us with. FSC is an organization that was established in order to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. Find more about FSC and it’s efforts HERE!

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Sneak peek: our beautiful Benches

Take a look at our bench section! Find pieces like our Atik Bench, inspired in JOHNHOUSHMAND’s No.0190 Bench; and our gorgeous metal draped slab of wood, the Deneb Bench.

Pick where you want to put it, at a museum, your bedroom, your home entrance… these smart designs fit anywhere you like.  Get creative, your imagination is the limit!

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JH2 one tree home and JOHNHOUSHMAND have been selected for the long list of the WAN Interiors & Design awards 2011

Prestigious World Architecture News, is the world’s leading supplier of architectural news to architectural community around the globe. It was launched in 2005 and since 2007 has held the Google # 1 position for architecture news.

WAN awards are held once a year, and this time both of our companies entered the contest, making it to the long list. Amongst their 164 international expert judges, we can find in the furniture board Sean Sucliffe,  Director at Benchmark Furniture; in urban design Daniel R. Ringelstein, Director of Urban Design & Planning at SOM; and Grace Leo of G.L.A Hotels for the hotel of the year section.

Review our listings for JH2 and JOHNHOUSHMAND!

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How did we get involved with Nicaragua?

In 2009, JOHNHOUSHMAND was invited to Nicaragua to see first-hand the devastation wrought by Hurricane Felix, a disaster that affected over 3 million acres of rainforest and unsettled the lives of the people living there. Deeply moved and inspired, Houshmand banded together with Jack Donenfeld to improve conditions in the area by productively utilizing the trees felled by the hurricane in a way that maintains the integrity of the local ecosystem.  JH2 one tree home is the culmination of their efforts.

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As advertised in Dwell and Interior Design Magazine

This past May, JH2 one tree home was pleased to launch it’s opening with an insert in Interior Design Magazine and a full page ad in Dwell. Many of our clients may have already seen these conceptual advertisements which featured a whole host of furniture from the new line including: the Atik Bench, the Altair Coffee Table, the Callisto Coffee Table, the Puck Coffee Table, the Gallilei Desk, and the Hoening Bed, among others.

To create the advertisement, each piece was “placed” into one of an assortment of frames, some in full view, others in partial view. This was done to point out the cerebral aesthetics of the line and to highlight unique features of various pieces. We then arranged the frames upon a highly polished, book matched, spalted maple slab table … this is when the real fun began.

Our resident photographer was (literally) swinging from the rafters in order to equalize the perspective of this shot, thus tricking the eye into believing it was taken from a 90 degree angle. Though our photographer risked serious injury (as did the spotter) we think it was worth the near death experience.

Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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