The “One Tree” Project

In 2009, John Houshmand was invited to Nicaragua to see first-hand the devastation wrought by Hurricane Felix, a disaster that affected over 3 million acres of rainforest and unsettled the lives of the people living there. There John was first introduced to the One Tree Project, an innovative attempt to help develop a small, rural community, through the use of their own natural resources and training in craftsmanship techniques.

Deeply moved by the One Tree Project’s mission, John Houshmand banded together with Jack Donenfeld, a partner in Simplemente Madera Group®, to continue to improve conditions in the area by productively utilizing the trees felled by the hurricane in a way that maintains the integrity of the local ecosystem and improved the community at large.

Thus JH2 one tree home was born! We feel that the company’s strong roots (pun intended) in a socially and environmentally committed endeavors will make us strong for years to come!

You can also have a look at the One Tree Project book, by clicking the link One Tree(1)


About JH2 one tree home

Challenging the division between fine and functional arts, our designs engage the basic elements of wood, glass and specialty metals in a way that heightens and reveals their underlying splendors. Our designs celebrate nature without compromising practicality.
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