As advertised in Dwell and Interior Design Magazine

This past May, JH2 one tree home was pleased to launch it’s opening with an insert in Interior Design Magazine and a full page ad in Dwell. Many of our clients may have already seen these conceptual advertisements which featured a whole host of furniture from the new line including: the Atik Bench, the Altair Coffee Table, the Callisto Coffee Table, the Puck Coffee Table, the Gallilei Desk, and the Hoening Bed, among others.

To create the advertisement, each piece was “placed” into one of an assortment of frames, some in full view, others in partial view. This was done to point out the cerebral aesthetics of the line and to highlight unique features of various pieces. We then arranged the frames upon a highly polished, book matched, spalted maple slab table … this is when the real fun began.

Our resident photographer was (literally) swinging from the rafters in order to equalize the perspective of this shot, thus tricking the eye into believing it was taken from a 90 degree angle. Though our photographer risked serious injury (as did the spotter) we think it was worth the near death experience.

Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it!


About JH2 one tree home

Challenging the division between fine and functional arts, our designs engage the basic elements of wood, glass and specialty metals in a way that heightens and reveals their underlying splendors. Our designs celebrate nature without compromising practicality.
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